We are a family owned and operated company with an endless love for this amazing industry. With an affinity for craft beverages, both in creation and consumption, we feel that our involvement in this side of the industry will help tremendously.  


The name Mile 37 comes from a place near and dear to us, we came upon it while getting lost one day in the mountains looking for a recommended place to camp. The mile signs having been removed, led us beyond where we intended on stopping. Upon circling back we came upon a bridge, and it led us to the most beautiful and picturesque piece of BC we’d ever seen. Snow capped mountains, Glacier views, giant rushing river, trees a plenty, and no one around for miles!

We later did the math and found out we were at Mile 37 down an old logging road. Since that day, we’ve brought only our closest friends and family to share in our experiences. In business, we intend on not only doing the job that needs to be done, but going that extra mile and pushing ourselves, as we’ve learned that when you do, you never know what you’ll find around the next bend.





We operate a Wild Goose 250M Canning Line, as it is second to none in the mobile canning industry, with capabilities of 40+ cans a minute.

We have a mobile depalletizer to help move the process along quicker and limit the handling of sanitized cans.


Shrink Sleeving

We run a Tripack 6 ft. Steam tunnel, which allows us many advantages, and improved efficiency. The steam allows us to shrink sleeve metal, glass, and even plastic.